About Commonwealth Internal Medicine

Commonwealth Internal Medicine is a thriving practice that has been caring for families in Fredericksburg, Virginia, for the past 21 years, since 1998. The name of the practice was selected to represent the following root words  “common,” meaning “belonging to all,” and “wealth,” meaning “happiness and well-being.” 

Our mission is to be a light to the community and to take care of people so that one can achieve their personal best in life. Every individual has a story, is gifted with a talent, is designed for a purpose, and has a calling to fulfill. Our hope is that we can provide support, care, and health education with a personal touch. 

Leading the Commonwealth Internal Medicine team is internist Norman Chang, MD, who is supported by certified physician assistant, Diana Ortman, and certified nurse practitioner, Maghan Burge. Together they run a proactive, pro-health primary care facility that focuses on chronic conditions and diseases, acute health problems, and preventative care. 

The strength of the practice lies within the clinical and administrative staff—these individuals are the heart of the practice. We share a vision to give the best of ourselves to lift up others. It is an honor and a privilege to work with generations of families ranging from 16-105 with a variety of experiences and backgrounds through the years. 


Commonwealth Internal Medicine
611 Emancipation Highway, Suite 201
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
Phone: 540-371-4141
Fax: 540-371-1990

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