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Commonwealth Internal Medicine is a thriving practice that has been caring for families in Fredericksburg, Virginia, since 1998.

Our mission is to be a light to the community and to take care of people so that one can achieve their personal best in life. Every individual has a story, is gifted with a talent, is designed for a purpose, and has a calling to fulfill. Our hope is that we can provide support, care, and health education with a personal touch. 

Leading the Commonwealth Internal Medicine team is internist Norman Chang, MD, who is supported by certified physician assistant, Diana Ortman. Together they run a proactive, pro-health primary care facility that focuses on chronic conditions and diseases, acute health problems, and preventative care. 

The strength of the practice lies within the clinical and administrative staff—these individuals are the heart of the practice. We share a vision to give the best of ourselves to lift up others. It is an honor and a privilege to work with generations of families ranging from 16-105 with a variety of experiences and backgrounds through the years. 

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We are excited to announce as of October 2022, Dr. Norman Chang has transitioned to a personalized care model of medicine with SignatureMD. Under this program, Dr. Chang will be your exclusive physician for primary care medical needs. He will partner with you to support your personal health goals for wellness; be available to you 24/7 by phone, email, or text day or night; provide same or next day appointments; and accommodate longer unhurried visits. Additional information can be located at www.SignatureMD.com/chang.

"I have had the privilege of being a part of this medical community and serving the patients of the Fredericksburg area since 1998. During my time here I have been fortunate to have developed special and unique relationships with many of my patients. It is this patient physician bond which initially attracted me to the field of internal medicine, and it is my hope to continue to foster this bond for years to come.

Unfortunately, I have witnessed many changes in the medical landscape the past few decades which I feel pose a real threat to this special relationship. The economics of medicine has never been more challenging than it is currently, and as a result, the viability of an independent traditional medical practice seems to be at constant risk. The prevalence of physician burnout across the country is increasing each year, and I have been cognizant that I can be personally affected by this in the future.

It has always been my desire and goal to have a medical practice where patients feel welcomed and loved, a place where they are treated as individuals with unique issues and concerns. As a practice, we have continually strived to provide compassionate and high-quality medical care in a patient-centric culture. I want to have the flexibility to spend adequate amount of time with each of my patients. I strongly feel that the personalized care concierge model will give me the opportunity to deliver the best service and treatment to my patients. I love the concept of having a limited panel of patients whom I will know well from both a personal and medical standpoint. I will be available to my patients via text, email or phone, and I feel patients will find this service to be beneficial to their healthcare.

My goal is to continue to practice medicine for another 20 years, and I feel I can best accomplish this goal in a concierge model. In this model I will continue to treat patients' chronic medical conditions but will be able to see patients for acute problems in same day or next day appointments. In addition, I plan to incorporate other important aspects of healthcare into my practice. We will be proactive in balance assessment to decrease fall risk in our patients. We will actively help patients who want to lose weight and need assistance in weight management. I hope to provide more education about nutrition as well as develop personalized exercise program for my patients so they can achieve live productive and healthy lives for many years." - Dr. Norman Chang

Please feel free to contact the practice to schedule a meet and greet with Dr. Chang for further details.


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